What types of issues are common in therapy?

One common issue is learning how to decrease or gain better control of painful emotions such as depression, anxiety or anger.

Another is to improve marital and/or interpersonal relationships and resolve interpersonal conflicts.

Others include learning more effective means of coping with stress, addressing behavior problems and resolving issues of abuse or trauma.

What kind of sessions are available?

Individual counseling sessions are available for children, adolescents and adults beginning at age 4.

Couples and Family counseling sessions are also available.

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What is therapy?

Therapy is a type of help given by someone who is specifically trained and experienced in mental health.

It is a process in which the client and counselor work as a team to explore and define problem situations and develop future goals for an improved life.

Learning to identify the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors is essential to successfully working toward realizing these goals.

All of this can be accomplished through therapy.